SITTEX born in the 2001. Founder and CEO is Mr Dalla Nora Adriano. Inventor and master software programmer.

Today the sons Cristian and Simone are running the business from the traditions to the innovation and modernization

Some SITTEX reference technological highlights:

  • FIRST company to put in production spraying robot with 2 arms
  • FIRST company to introduce piece shape acquisiont by VISION scanner system
  • FIRST company to start PVC foil trimming with 2 heads machines
  • FIRST company to develop trimmer piece scanning system by custom IR technology

SITTEX is today a leader company in the forniture industry, with inventions, unique solutions, applied robotics technologies with vision systems.

Our goals


Sittex company set up


1st 2 arms spray robot


1st 2 arms trimming machine


1st vision scan system on spray robot


1st protection film cutting system


1st smootheing painted door edges M/C


1st press positioning machine


  • 19

    Years of experience

  • 6

    Worldwide innovations

  • 40

    MILLIONS of pieces trimmed by a single machine

  • 54

    Companies served