Sittex is a company set by the family owners. They have been financing themself with care and proficiency for almost 20 years, crossing the sector crisis and the bank collapses.

The Company works in a proprietarie factory of about 2000 sqm surface.

Sittex is craftmaking all the std and special machines, this thanks to a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary tool working machines. Complete the picture the highly specialized, skilled technicians. They complete the carpintery works assembling and finally testing the machines one by one.

Is present a technical office with mechanical development capacity.

It is present a service office to serve the customer worldwide.

Saleswise the company is active in all the world with many installations.

Sittex is openly collaborating with the other 3D wrapped doors market players, like the glue supplier and press manufacturer, Sittex is internationally known for the high technical and technological skills.

Very important element of the membrane (or membraneless) process are the glues. They are PU formulations 1 or 2 components. Some of the main internationals suppliers are: Henkel, Kleiberit, Jowat, HB Fuller, Durante&Vivan and many more.

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    MILLIONS of pieces trimmed by a single machine

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