Sittex since was founded, and thanks to the brilliant geniality of its founders, has always placed in first place the INNOVATION. The INNOVATION always related to service the customer and to answer the customers.

MAKE unpublished solutions, many times prototypes, just to solve the presented problems.

With this ATTITUDE and FOCUS, Sittex is working and INNOVATING, day by day.

 SITTEX has been the FIRST to present to market 2 ARMS SPRAY ROBOT
 SITTEX has been the FIRST to make 2 HEAD TRIMMERS for the PVC foil
 SITTEX has been the FIRST to develop CAMERA SCANNER on the spray and trimming machines
 SITTEX has been the FIRST to introduce and PATENT the lay-up table POSITIONING SYSTEM

Sittex has produced other unpublished innovations like:

  • Machine to precise cut the web protection film leaving only the necessary one on doors. PRECIFILM
  • Machine to smooth the painted sharp edge from the high quality painted panels. PRECIEDGES
  • 19

    Years of experience

  • 6

    Worldwide innovations

  • 40

    MILLIONS of pieces trimmed by a single machine

  • 54

    Companies served