Sittex is the only company in the world capable to supply all the necessary automations before and after the press for the 3D (or polymeric foil door wrapping).

In fact in it’s range of machines present solutions for:

  • Pre-Press
  • On-Press
  • Post-Press
  • Pre-Press Special


  • SIT Belt Belt conveyors
  • SIT Clean Solutions for the surface treatment and cleaning
  • SIT ONE Reciprocating spray machine, for surface applications (normally)
  • SIT Botic 1-2 Robot with 1 or 2 spraying arms to apply on edge and top
  • SIT Jet In line high air speed oven with belt conveyor
  • SIT Flex multilevel oven with 5-6 trays of 3500/7000 mm long. Belt transport on trays.
  • SIT Shuttle Movable belt conveyor on wheels to connect more lines in one.



  • SIT LUS (Lay-Up System) Press pin tray loading system, complete if press integration.
  • SIT POT (Positioning on Tray) Panels pin tray reference positioning system.



  • SIT Trim 1-2 Trimming machine with 1 or 2 heads to separate the exeeding foil
  • SIT Buff back door glue residual 3 brushes polishing machine
  • SIT WES (Waste Elimination System) Innovative solution to remove and/or treat the waste foil



  • SIT Stack Stack spray system for edges. Various solutions for any production


Sittex has made complete lines and with high degree of complexity all over the world ...



Sittex did develop, as first, automations after the press process ...

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    Years of experience

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    Worldwide innovations

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    MILLIONS of pieces trimmed by a single machine

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