Corporate goals

Sittex is very conscious the most important value in the company are the persons. On this base has set its goals:

  • Have a simple and honest work place where all the emploee feel sactisfied and happy.
  • Share with all the staff any change and, provided is beneficial, start it up.
  • Minimize any potential health risk and protect staff with highest attention by periodical training.
  • Encouraging the improvements program partecipation among the staff.
  • Raise awareness of being Leader among staff.
  • Reduce waste in the production process.
  • Continuously innovate to improve the production process.
Economical goals | 2017-2022

The Sittex ecomical grow in 5 working years has been over 1500%. One of highest in the country, the budget financials are showing very strong and stable results.

The correct evaluation of the industrial and commercial cost are enabling Sittex to reach healthy profits granting the highest finance reliability.

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