Our company |

Sittex is the only company in the world capable of supplying all the necessary automations for polymeric foil panels wrapping.

Sittex manufactures, in-house and in Italy, the standard and custom machines, thanks to a complete workshop with all the necessary machine tools, the highly skilled workers complete the processing by assembling, then testing the machines one by one.

Sittex is an active partner of international press suppliers, is globally recognized for technical and technological prowess, suppliers identify themselves as 3D process press manufacturers and PU glue suppliers.

azienda sittex
Sittex proudly announces the achievement of ISO 9001 Certification

The innovations |

Sittex since its founding and thanks to the brilliant genius of its founders has always put innovation at the forefront, always aimed at serving customers.

Making novel solutions, sometimes only prototypical, to solve the problems presented.

With this spirit and determination Sittex has been and will continue to innovate, day after day.


Sittex identifies itself as a total solution provider, producing machines and processes applied mainly to the PVC coated panel industry
(also known as 3d coating process), by membrane or membrane-free press.

In each of these areas, Sittex has developed the best solutions by evolving and updating them to make them more and more performant and thus beneficial to the user.

Service |

Sittex is having the total consciousness of the machine manufacturing reliability importance; from this the desing, the parts both made and bought are with the highest STD.

In order to grant years of industrial use with no stops.

Sittex, having the utmost awareness of the importance of the reliability of the machines it produces, sizes them and their components to the highest standards.

This is done in order to guarantee years of trouble-free industrial use.

When necessary mechanical and electronic spare parts are processed in minimal time shipping to anywhere in the world via courier.

Software: our skilled development technicians are available in real-time to solve problems in real time with the most advanced teleservice instruments.

On site Academy |

A guaranteed boost to your profits and quality!

We have introduced the opportunity for our customers to have all the know-how available at their factory today, through the world’s first On Site Academy (SIT-OSA)!

Through this initiative, working side by side with the client, we transfer expertise and answer all queries, thus improving their quality and profitability.

From small to large factories.

Discover the last news |

Ligna Exibition 2023

From 15 /05 to 19/05 we are in Hall 17 booth B02

LIGNA is the international showcase of innovations and the stage for world innovations. Trends are set at LIGNA!

On Site Academy


We therefore introduced to the world the On Site Academy: side by side with the customer we transfer know how and solve all the production questions. This improves product quality and boosts our customers’ profits.

Themodoor Quebec

New customer in Canada: Themodoor Quebec!

20th anniversaary

Sittex in 2021 celebrated 20 years of Leader in the PVC market!

Business hours

From monday to friday: 8.00am – 5.30pm

Saturday and sunday: closed

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