On Site Academy

Sittex is focussed on giving value to the customers

Any machine can work and operators can manage them in order to produce, but… the production performances of the whole membrane pressing area is very important:

  • Quality of the final product
  • Productivity of the whole line and floor managment
  • Maintenance and efficiency of the machines composing the line

The membrane pressing business is quite a niche and not a lot of sharable experience is available.

We therefore introduced an opportunity for our customers to have all the possible know how relevant to the production floor. We introduce to the world the: SIT OSA!


Many machine manufacturer have the Academy in their factory, we consider this partially helpful.
What helps is: Academy in the customer shop (SIT OSA).
Side by side with the customer transfer know how and solve all the production questions, from the small to the big factories.

on site academy
Only Sittex make On Site Academy:
  • Material best flow
  • Board preparation (from desing and routing area)
  • Pre press optimization
  • Press optimization
  • Post press optimization
  • Boards repair
  • General area management optimization

Boost your profits, improves your quality!

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